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NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake and CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou have paid a steep price for speaking truth about undemocratic power. Now they need your help!

With vindictive prosecutions, the government wrecked their personal finances. Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation now. Half of every dollar will go directly to Tom and John, while the other half will go to the Whistleblowers Public Education Campaign that they co-chair.

Below is a special message from Tom Drake about their experiences and current work.

In a recent conversation with someone who had just seen the documentary SILENCED, I was once again reminded of the huge cost John Kiriakou and I have paid (and continue to pay) for speaking truth to power — both personally and professionally.

I was also reminded again that the court declared me indigent just after the Department of Justice indicted me in April 2010, as I almost went bankrupt.

I really had to effectively start my life over again in 2011 and am now going on five years doing so.

Taking off the veil of government secrecy has more often than not turned people like ourselves into truth tellers and whistleblowers. The government would have you believe that we’re turncoats and traitors. The result has been severe punishment, and more often than not, criminal charges