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There’s a special message below from Thomas Drake. But first, a few introductory words:

As CIA and NSA whistleblowers, John Kiriakou and Tom have paid a steep price for speaking truth about undemocratic power. Now they need your help!

With vindictive prosecutions, the government wrecked their personal finances. Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation now. Half of every dollar will go directly to Tom and John, while the other half will go to the Whistleblowers Public Education Campaign that they co-chair.

Thank you!

— The RootsAction Education Fund Team

The only people criminally investigated, charged, indicted, convicted and sentenced with regard to the U.S.-sponsored post 9/11 mass surveillance and torture regimes are myself and John Kiriakou — because we held up a mirror and spoke truth to power. Neither one of us participated in, supported or approved torture or mass surveillance.

And yet taking off the veil of government secrecy surrounding torture and mass surveillance has more often than not turned truth tellers and whistleblowers into turncoats and traitors by the very government engaged in criminal conduct, and then that same government burns those who would dare disclose their conduct on the stake of national security.

These actions by the government against those disclosing government wrongdoing are very troubling for the future of our own democracy, when exposing government criminality and those engaged in torture and mass surveillance is regarded by that same government as a criminal act.

We paid a very high price for our truth telling — ringing up large legal bills, incurring massive costs and expenses plus huge loss of income and our pensions for supporting and defending the very freedoms and liberties that are inalienable rights for all.

Truth tellers and whistleblowers make up critical early warning systems in society that help expose unaccountable power and secrecy that now attack the very heart of democracy under the guise of national security and keeping us safe from ourselves.

We are encouraged by people informing and educating themselves to the very clear and present dangers to democracy.

Please donate generously to support us, so we can rescue and restore our rights and freedoms increasingly held hostage by the government.

Thank you —
Thomas Drake