Former CIA officer John Kiriakou, who is serving a thirty-month jail sentence in the federal correctional institution in Loretto, Pennsylvania, has resumed writing letters from prison after the Bureau of Prisons failed to give him nine months in a halfway house to finish out his sentence. Firedoglake had been publishing Kiriakou’s “Letters from Loretto.” The last letter published, however, was in August of last year. Now, in a new letter, thanking several groups and individuals who have supported him while serving his sentence in prison, he writes, “I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch so long. After my last letter, I thought I had come to an understanding with the prison administration: stop writing ‘Letters from Loretto’ and be put in for nine months of halfway house. Nine months would have seen me leave here on August 1, 2014. So I stopped writing.” “Rather than twiddle my thumbs and hope for the best, I decided to start writing again. God bless the Constitution and its First Amendment,” he adds. Kiriakou has maintained since going to prison that was to be sent to a camp with lower security. It was recommended by the judge and prosecutor in his case. But a “Bureau of Prisons bureaucrat deemed him a ‘threat to public safety,’” and he was sent to do his time in the medium security section of Loretto. Kiriakou asks for your help to resolve this.

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