John Kiriakou remains the only person from the Bush Administration era to have been incarcerated, or even tried, over issues related to torture. His crime? Blowing the whistle on it. In 2012 the Obama Administration brought charges against John because of his conversations with journalists about US torture and his supposed disclosure of an undercover agent. Since entering prison, John has released a series of letters detailing his conditions and thoughts. Now he needs your help! Nine months into his 30-month sentence, John is seeking to be granted at least nine months in a halfway house so that he may "resume productive contributions to society." He has put a call out to all supporters to help him push for a halfway house transfer by writting letters to the Bureau of Prisons residential reentry director, Erlinda Hernandez, and Federal Bureau of Prisons director Charles Samuels. Let’s make sure he knows that the peace community supports him.

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